Graphic Designer

Let me introduce myself…

I am a talented and versatile designer with an excellent work ethic and positive attitude. I’m capable of juggling multiple projects – planning, prioritizing and executing all under tight deadlines. I’m dedicated, thorough, respectful, and able to keep my cool under pressure. I enjoy being a key part of a high-performance team and am self-motivated when working independently.


Great design solves a problem effectively, beautifully, and honestly. It is profound in its simplicity, yet focused on fulfilling its purpose.

Great design resonates deeply with it’s intended audience; it lures, fascinates, and surprises. Not only functional, it is innovative, rising above the competition, standing the test of time.

Great design evolves from curiosity, continuous learning and growth.


  • Content Marketing
  • 2D Animation
  • User Experience Design
  • Photography

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