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Let me introduce myself…

I am a talented and versatile designer with an excellent work ethic and positive attitude. I’m capable of juggling multiple projects – planning, prioritizing and executing all under tight deadlines. I’m dedicated, thorough, respectful, and able to keep my cool under pressure. I enjoy being a key part of a high-performance team and am self-motivated when working independently.


Great design solves a problem effectively, beautifully, and honestly. It is profound in its simplicity, yet focused on fulfilling its purpose.

Great design resonates deeply with it’s intended audience; it lures, fascinates, and surprises. Not only functional, it is innovative, rising above the competition, standing the test of time.

Great design evolves from curiosity, continuous learning and growth.


Content Marketing
2D Animation

One thought on “Graphic Designer

  1. Hey Jo-Anne,

    Rolando here. I hope you are well and keeping sane during these crazy times.

    I’m wondering if you would quote some work for me? I need help with a logo. I drafted a logo in illustrator (you can see it on my website), but I am not 100% happy with it and am looking for help.

    I want to create a logo, as a non-Indigenous person, which is respectful of my client base (Indigenous communities) but also not being disrespectful. I want to show that I am working with Metis, First Nation, and Inuit cultures, but I’m not sure how to capture that. RIght now I have a nod to the teepee and the Metis trappers tent in my logo (see the website), but I also have anothe version that has what looks like a dreamcatcher inside the “O.” Neither iteration TRUELY excites me.

    Anyways, I am reaching out to you to see get a quote for this small project work. Let me know if you want to proceed.

    All my best.

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